OPPO Find N2 Flip, Redefining the Flip Phone

By Peter Nalika

OPPO recently launched the Find N2 Flip device in Kenya, they have redefined this flip phone with great features to enable users explore their world better. Here are my best features:

Better Handling Notifications

OPPO has given its users a big screen that can easily become compact and fit comfortably in any pocket. Its intuitive design, the Find N2 Flip cover vertical screen helps users easily handle those light and simple tasks. For example, checking notifications, replying to messages with a simple yes or no, or toggling settings.

This solves the problem with current flip phones of tiny horizontal outer displays that are not so comfortable to use. For example, users could only see one notification and often have to keep scrolling. When taking selfies with the main camera, they are not able see the full preview because camera sensors are also vertical.

With the Find N2 Flip, OPPO understood to design a truly useful cover screen, that needed to be a vertical instead of horizontal. The vertical orientation enables users can respond to messages in popular messenger applications, adjust settings, record voice notes, make calls, and more, without unlocking or fully engaging with the phone.

With this huge vertical layout, everything become easier, OPPO is also working on controls for other popular apps on the cover screen. For example, when using Spotify, users will be able to control their music right there on the outer screen. The cover screen is also great to show users’ personality. The new interactive path wallpapers let one choose their favorite animal to interact with.

Ground Breaking Selfie Experience

OPPO created the most versatile camera, starting with a groundbreaking selfie experience. Swipe from the cover screen or just simply double press the volume button. Users can simply frame their shot with the cover screen preview, and then use the main camera to take UltraClear selfies.

And once again, since the cover screen is vertical, like a traditional phone, one can see the preview with almost no crop, much better than the experience from a horizontal cover screen where one can only see a small portion find. And two flip also supports flex form mode, which can hover between 45 degrees to 110 degrees. So one can use their find and two flip hands free.

Co-developed with the legendary camera manufacturer Hasselblad, Find N2 Flip captures pro-grade colours, a fully featured Professional Mode, and its unique XPAN mode freezes time in a wide, cinematic frame.

Robust Folding Screen with Subtle Crease

The device hinge design is not only unique with a microscope texture inspired by flowing waves of water creates a robust, folding screen with an incredibly subtle crease.

The hinge’s miniaturized design is made up of fewer components than the original Flexion Hinge, and in its intricate simplicity, OPPO has achieved a new standard of mechanical stability. Through using this New Generation Flexion Hinge OPPO has managed to give a more compact than ever device and created more  space for a larger cover screen and a higher-capacity, faster-charging battery while also ensuring it keeps dust out.

Long Lasting and Fast Charging

The Find N2 Flip boasts an impressive battery life that outperforms any other flip phone on the market. Despite its small size, it houses a substantial 4,300mAh battery, which is the largest in the flip phone category.

Our relentless efforts to optimize every aspect of the phone, from the hinge to the SIM tray, have allowed us to maximize space and add more milliamp hours of power. As a result, the Find N2 Flip offers an additional hour of video calling, two additional hours of social networking, and five additional hours of music streaming powered by flagship chipset MediaTek  Dimensity 9000+ chipset.

Based on our extensive testing, the Find N2 Flip is the first flip phone that confidently provides a full day of use on a single charge. This is a significant milestone in popularizing the flip phone category as a whole.

Moreover, OPPO has incorporated the fastest charging technology in the Find N2 Flip – 44W SUPERVOOC. This remarkable feature can charge the battery from nearly empty to 50% in just 23 minutes and achieve a full charge in less than an hour.

OPPO also worked closely with MediaTek to create an optimized version of its flagship Dimensity 9000+ chipset for Find N2 Flip. These efforts result in one more hour of video calling, two more hours of social media and five hours of music streaming.

The writer is a Technologist and Communication Consultant

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