OPPO Innovates for a Sustainable Future

In a world increasingly connected through virtual means, where about 57% of the global population accessed mobile internet by the close of 2022 [GSMA], the environmental impact of smart devices is a pressing concern. OPPO is committed to achieving carbon neutrality across its global operations by 2050.

Guided by its mission, “Technology for Mankind, and Kindness for the World,” OPPO incorporates sustainable technologies into its products to minimize environmental impact. An exemplary initiative is OPPO’s self-developed Battery Health Engine, that ensures smartphone batteries retain over 80% of their original capacity after up to 1,600 full charge cycles, this extends smartphone usability but also reduces electronic waste.

Jason Liao, Head of OPPO Research Institute

OPPO is set to introduce a “GO Green” Always-On Display feature in the upcoming ColorOS 14 operating system, encouraging users to embrace a low-carbon lifestyle by visualizing the impact of their daily steps on CO2 emissions.

Beyond eco-friendly product design and operations, OPPO actively supports innovators in creating sustainable solutions through technology.

“At OPPO, we believe technology should enrich lives and contribute to a greener future. While challenges exist in the short term, sustainability benefits product innovation and company development in the long run.” says Jason Liao, Head of OPPO Research Institute.

In its commitment to combat climate change, OPPO collaborates with ecosystem partners through initiatives like the “OPPO Inspiration Challenge.” Launched in 2022, this innovation accelerator invites global tech professionals to submit virtuous innovation technologies annually.

In 2023, the program received 687 proposals from 66 countries, with 40% related to climate action. At COP28, OPPO showcased a winning team, Bluepha Co., Ltd, a biotech startup developing biodegradable organic polymers to replace plastic in packaging and various scenarios.

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