OPPO Launches AI Center, Reno Series Gets Smart Upgrade

OPPO, a leading global technology company, has recently established the OPPO AI Center, dedicated to advancing research and development in AI and its applications. This initiative aims to bolster OPPO’s AI capabilities and introduce user-centric AI products and features, aligning with the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge experiences in AI technology.

In the second quarter of 2024, OPPO will integrate advanced generative AI capabilities into its Reno11 Series, including the innovative OPPO AI Eraser function. These enhancements underscore OPPO’s commitment to pioneering AI technology and making it more accessible to users worldwide.

Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager at OPPO Kenya, emphasized the significance of AI Smartphones as the next transformative stage in the mobile phone industry. Achieng highlighted OPPO’s dedication to driving innovation in this space and reshaping the mobile phone experience through collaboration with industry partners.

OPPO has identified four key characteristics of AI Smartphones, emphasizing efficient resource utilization, real-time awareness through sensors, powerful self-learning capabilities, and multimodal content generation abilities. These characteristics are poised to revolutionize the mobile industry by offering personalized services and enhancing the overall user experience.

The introduction of OPPO’s large language model, AndesGPT, with 180 billion parameters, showcases the company’s focus on dialogue enhancement, personalization, and cloud-device collaboration. Generative AI features such as intelligent object removal and phone conversation summaries have garnered widespread interest from users and the technology industry alike.

As smartphones evolve with AI technology, OPPO is at the forefront of innovation, aiming to integrate the latest AI advancements into its products and ecosystems. With a mission of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World,” OPPO plans to expand its generative AI capabilities across product lines and global markets.

In the upcoming quarter of 2024, OPPO will introduce a range of generative AI features, including the OPPO AI Eraser, to its Reno 11 series worldwide. With ongoing innovation from the OPPO AI Center, future OPPO smartphones will offer even more exciting AI capabilities, driving further advancements in the industry.

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