OPPO Reno 10 Series 5G: The Smartphone That Makes You Look Your Best

In an era where visual content dominates our communication landscape, the expectations of smartphone users have undergone a remarkable transformation. The ubiquitous smartphone has evolved from a mere communication tool to a powerful imaging device that empowers everyone to capture the world around them like a seasoned photographer. Smartphone brands, including the trailblazing OPPO, have embarked on a relentless pursuit of excellence in photography, leveraging cutting-edge hardware innovations in lens technology and sophisticated image processing algorithms to deliver a camera system capable of capturing clear, high-quality, and true-to-life images.

While technological prowess forms the backbone of OPPO’s camera innovations, the brand’s journey towards photographic excellence extends beyond the realm of hardware. OPPO has embarked on a journey of profound research into the art of professional photography, engaging in close collaboration with renowned experts from various corners of the globe. These experts, with their mastery in portrait photography, lighting design, and post-production effects, have shared invaluable insights with OPPO, shaping the brand’s unique photography aesthetic. This aesthetic is centered around the profound interplay between light and shadow, a fundamental element of professional photography, and it is beautifully embodied in the latest OPPO Reno10 series.

The contemporary landscape of smartphone photography has witnessed the emergence of image optimization and beautification effects. These computational techniques are designed to enhance subjects by accentuating their brightness while reducing background distractions. While these effects cater to current aesthetic preferences, they fall short of creating true photographic masterpieces upon closer scrutiny.

OPPO, however, has embarked on a mission to transcend fleeting trends and create timeless masterpieces that endure across styles and eras. To achieve this, OPPO has delved into the essence of photography itself, recognizing the innate human desire to capture the genuine beauty of the world, regardless of technological advancements. Traditional photography, despite the complexities involved, continues to captivate enthusiasts who invest hours in darkrooms or behind SLRs to authentically capture the world’s beauty. This dedication imparts a profound understanding of photography and aesthetics, knowledge that OPPO aims to infuse into computational photography. The goal is to amalgamate this wisdom with smart computational techniques to construct an imaging system capable of faithfully reproducing the intricate relationship between light and shadow, space, and true-to-life colors.

OPPO’s commitment to this vision is evident through its dedicated team of over 1,000 imaging specialists and a substantial annual investment of more than US$156 million. With meticulous attention to detail, OPPO strives to craft images replete with clear details, natural colors, and ultra-realistic light and shadow effects.

As part of its ongoing commitment to creating a professional and inclusive portrait photography experience, OPPO introduces the Portrait Expert Project with the Reno10 series. This initiative brings together a global Portrait Expert Group comprised of professional portrait photographers, drawing inspiration from their mastery of light and their multicultural perspectives. Through this collaboration, OPPO continuously enhances the underlying portrait technologies of the Reno series, fostering a professional-grade photography experience for all.

In a bid to celebrate the beauty of Kenya and encourage creators to tell inspiring stories through exceptional portraits, OPPO Kenya launches the #100FacesofKenya campaign. This challenge, running from September 14th to September 30th, 2023, invites participants to take stunning and creative portraits of people or animals against nature-based backgrounds. Participants can then share their creations on their social media pages using the hashtags #100FacesOfKenya and #OPPOReno10series5G, while also tagging @oppo_kenya. The campaign offers a chance to win exciting prizes from OPPO Kenya, igniting a creative spark in photography enthusiasts across the nation.

“Through never-ending exploration of what makes a good image and constant benchmarking of its technology against professional camera standards, OPPO continues to evolve its camera offerings to create the most professional experience on a smartphone.” OPPO’s relentless pursuit of photographic excellence has enabled it to discern the nuances that distinguish a contemporary Instagram-worthy photo from a timeless masterpiece transcending both time and cultures. With the latest Reno10 series, OPPO narrows the gap between smartphone cameras and high-end DSLRs, ushering in an era where professional masterpieces are within everyone’s reach” says Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager of OPPO Kenya.

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