OPPO’s Sustainability Pledge: Durable Products and ESG Leadership

Today, sustainability and eco-awareness steer consumer preferences, emphasizing durable, eco-friendly technological products on center stage. OPPO, a global tech pioneer, spearheads this pivotal shift by prioritizing product quality and eco-friendly practices. OPPO prioritizes virtuous innovation, guided by the ethos of “Technology for mankind, kindness for the world,” in its corporate responsibility.

OPPO engages in the Eco Rating Labeling Scheme, assessing its ecological impact in five critical domains, promoting environmental responsibility. At the core of its sustainability strategy lies an unwavering dedication to product quality. Emphasizing longevity and resilience, OPPO subjects its products to rigorous testing at the QE reliability lab, surpassing industry standards. These tests simulate years of wear and tear, including exposure to extreme environmental conditions and various physical damages, ensuring a warranty period of 24 months.

Testing the Adaptability of OPPO Devices in High-Temperature Environments

Elevating Product Quality for Sustainability

OPPO’s dedication to longevity extends beyond the mere physical construction of its products; it is ingrained in their very design philosophy. The introduction of the Battery Health Engine in 2022 stands as a testament to this commitment, guaranteeing that the battery retains at least 80% of its capacity even after four years of use. By prolonging the lifespan of its devices, OPPO not only provides users with long-lasting performance but also significantly curtails electronic waste.

In a bid to champion ecological responsibility across the industry, OPPO has actively participated in initiatives such as the Eco Rating Labeling Scheme, which evaluates the company’s environmental performance across five key areas. This proactive engagement underlines OPPO’s dedication to fostering transparency and sustainable practices.

Green Packaging Initiatives

Recognizing the urgency of reducing plastic usage, OPPO has spearheaded initiatives to adopt eco-friendly packaging materials. Notably, the Find N2 Flip packaging is entirely biodegradable and paper-based, seamlessly aligning with the company’s overarching environmental objectives.

“As consumers increasingly prioritize eco-conscious choices, OPPO’s steadfast commitment to a sustainable future serves as an exemplary model,” remarked Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager at OPPO Kenya. In line with this dedication, OPPO Kenya plans to launch the #OPPOLegend Campaign to celebrate OPPO Quality Month. We encourage participants to post pictures of their OPPO phones on social media, tag OPPO Kenya’s official pages, and use the hashtag #OPPOLegend.As an incentive, four lucky winners will have the opportunity to win KES 20,000 Jumia vouchers each, especially if they possess the oldest model or the most OPPO phones.

The campaign will run from November 1st to November 14th, 2023.

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