Pay KPLC Tokens for Free with Airtel Money

In light of the challenging economic circumstances in Kenya, many citizens are seeking ways to economize and make the most of their money. Recognizing this pressing need, Airtel Money has unveiled cost-effective solutions aimed at helping Kenyans reduce their transaction expenses.

On the 14th of June 2023, Airtel Money entered into a strategic partnership with KPLC, enabling Kenyans to settle their electricity bills without incurring any transaction fees, whether for prepaid or postpaid accounts. This reduction in transaction fees will empower customers to allocate their funds for other essential expenditures. As part of this collaboration, customers will enjoy a seamless payment process, enhancing overall convenience and satisfaction, aligning perfectly with Airtel’s commitment to offering highly affordable services to its clientele.

To take advantage of this opportunity to pay electricity bills through Airtel Money with zero transaction costs, simply follow these steps:

  1. Dial *334# on your mobile phone.
  2. Select option 6 for Paybill & Till Payments.
  3. Choose option 4 for Airtel PayBill.
  4. Select option 2 for KPLC.
  5. Decide whether you have a Postpaid or Prepaid account.
  6. Enter your reference number [Meter Number].
  7. Input your Airtel Money PIN.

Airtel remains dedicated to introducing innovative and cost-effective solutions, providing Kenyans with compelling reasons to envision a brighter financial future.

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