Paymentology and Boya: A Match Made in Expense Heaven for Kenyan Corporates

Paymentology, a prominent global issuer-processor, has formally announced a strategic partnership with Boya, a technology company based in Kenya. This collaboration has been further fortified by the involvement of Diamond Trust Bank, a leading Kenyan tier 1 bank. Paymentology’s role is to seamlessly connect Boya with Visa via its cutting-edge card issuing platform, while also augmenting Boya’s capabilities through advanced data analytics support. The culmination of these efforts has led to the recent introduction of Boya’s virtual expense card.

The genesis of Boya dates back to 2021 when the company introduced its cloud-based expense management solution. Geared towards optimizing business processes, Boya offers a user-friendly platform for expense tracking accessible through both mobile and web applications. This functionality includes customizable expense categories and automated transaction recording. The system can adapt approval workflows to match organizational structures, facilitating streamlined reviews and approvals.

Key among Boya’s features is its robust reporting capacity, generating comprehensive financial insights to drive informed decision-making. The solution seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software, eradicating manual data input and ensuring adherence to company policies and regulatory standards.

Boya’s mobile app further empowers employees to efficiently manage expenses and track approvals on-the-go, catering to both iOS and Android devices. Overall, Boya revolutionizes expense management, providing greater financial transparency and contributing to cost savings for businesses.

In response to the virtual expense card’s launch, Alphas Sinja, CEO of Boya, conveyed, “Boya has brought about a paradigm shift in expense tracking and reporting for businesses of all scales in Kenya. Our partnership with Paymentology, our issuer processing collaborator, has furnished us with a robust and scalable infrastructure solution, instrumental in the seamless rollout of our virtual Visa expense card. We anticipate a promising future for this partnership, as we collectively empower organizations to optimize their expenditure decisions.”

Kirsten Wortmann, Regional Director for Africa at Paymentology, commented, “Thriving in today’s fast-paced digital landscape necessitates unwavering agility at every turn. As Boya’s strategic issuer processing partner, we take immense pride in bolstering their novel Visa virtual card initiative, recognizing the growing significance of efficient financial tools for Kenyan businesses. Leveraging our innovative solutions and extensive expertise, Boya’s clientele can confidently delegate their expense management, affording business leaders the bandwidth to focus on other pivotal facets of their enterprises.”

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