Safaricom Ethiopia CEO, Anwar Soussa, to Step Down in July

Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC [STEP] announces with mixed emotions the departure of its esteemed Chief Executive Officer, Anwar Soussa, effective 31st July 2023, as his secondment period concludes.

Anwar Soussa joined the Safaricom Ethiopia family in August 2021, taking the helm in spearheading the establishment of the organization, setting up robust business operations, and implementing a cutting-edge network infrastructure.

Anwar Soussa, CEO, Safaricom Ethiopia

As the inaugural CEO of Safaricom Ethiopia, Anwar Soussa has demonstrated remarkable leadership, overseeing the attainment of significant milestones amidst a highly dynamic environment. Notably, he successfully orchestrated the onboarding of a stellar team and orchestrated the triumphant launch of commercial operations for the second telecommunications operator in Ethiopia.

Under Anwar’s visionary guidance, Safaricom Ethiopia has achieved remarkable growth, attracting over 4 million customers to its fold. The network’s reach now spans more than 25% of the population, seamlessly connecting 50 cities and towns throughout the nation.

Additionally, Anwar’s relentless pursuit of excellence secured a coveted mobile financial services license for Safaricom Ethiopia, paving the way for the highly anticipated launch of M-PESA services. This revolutionary offering will empower Ethiopian citizens with transformative mobile banking capabilities, furthering financial inclusion and fostering economic progress.

Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC [STEP] would like to express heartfelt gratitude to Anwar Soussa for his exceptional leadership and invaluable contributions to the organization. Throughout his tenure, Anwar has demonstrated unwavering passion and unwavering commitment, playing a pivotal role in our collective achievements thus far.

In due course, Safaricom Ethiopia will announce Anwar Soussa’s successor, who will build upon the foundation laid during his tenure, leading the company towards a future defined by innovation, progress, and continued success.

“As Anwar Soussa’s assignment with Safaricom Ethiopia comes to a close, we extend our warmest wishes for his future endeavors. His profound impact on our organization will be forever etched in our story, and we are grateful for the transformative journey we have shared under his guidance.” Says Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom PLC CEO.

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