Safaricom Showcases Growth in Ethiopia’s Digital Future

Today, Safaricom held its second Investor Day in Addis Ababa, focusing on sharing the company’s progress and future plans in Ethiopia with investors and stakeholders. This event, themed around expanding operations for Ethiopia’s digital future, attracted 150 participants including analysts, government officials, and Safaricom’s senior management from Kenya and Ethiopia.

Adil Khawaja, Safaricom’s Board Chairman, expressed the company’s dedication to growth in Ethiopia, highlighting it as a critical market. Safaricom Group CEO, Peter Ndegwa, took pride in the swift success in Ethiopia, emphasizing the focus on digital advancement for the country’s future.

Safaricom Group CEO, Peter Ndegwa

With over 2,200 base stations and a rapidly growing M-PESA customer base of over 3 million, Safaricom is making significant strides in connectivity and financial services. Both Michael Joseph and Wim Vanhelleputte, leading figures in Safaricom Ethiopia, spoke on the potential for growth and innovation in the region.

Safaricom Group CEO Peter Ndegwa said, “We are proud of the success that Safaricom Ethiopia has achieved in a relatively short span of time. Our focus on scaling operations for Ethiopia’s digital future has been instrumental in driving our growth, and we remain committed to leveraging our expertise and resources to continue establishing ourselves as a key player in the Ethiopian telecommunications landscape.”

This investor day underscores Safaricom’s commitment to stakeholder engagement and its ambitious vision for Ethiopia’s digital landscape.

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