Sama Delivers Across Clouds in Kenya and Uganda

Sama, a leader in data annotation and model validation solutions, has recently launched a multi-cloud integration strategy in its central operating platform. This new development offers significant benefits to Sama’s customers, including major companies like General Motors, Ford, and Walmart. It allows for substantial cost savings and easier adherence to both internal and global security standards.

The company’s offices in Kenya and Uganda, among others, now have the capability to access client data stored across the top cloud storage providers: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Annepeace Alwala, Sama’s Vice President of Global Service Delivery, highlighted that this feature enables clients to store their data on any of these platforms while providing Sama secure and seamless access, thus reducing data transfer costs.

In Kenya, the integration is supported by Safaricom’s Fibre Optic connections, ensuring high-speed data transfers necessary for machine learning models. This integration not only positions Sama as a leading consumer of data bandwidth in Kenya but also boosts the country’s status as an AI value chain service provider. Ms. Alwala mentioned that this integration could speed up customer onboarding to just one day, enhancing Kenya’s appeal as a business and export service hub, and solidifying its position as the Silicon Savannah.

The quick onboarding process eliminates the need for custom coding, saving time and resources. Sama’s integrations with existing data flows also reduce the need for client engineers to set up new workflows, thereby conserving resources. Duncan Curtis, Sama’s Senior Vice President of Product and Technology, noted that the company’s ability to swiftly and securely access vast datasets from these cloud providers is crucial for addressing challenges in fields like AgTech, autonomous driving, and e-commerce.

Security is a prime concern for Sama, especially with large datasets that might contain personal information. The company’s multi-cloud approach ensures private data is not retained; instead, Sama can securely access and modify customer files as needed. The Kenyan government is also enhancing data privacy laws, a move that aligns with Sama’s commitment to exceeding regulatory requirements, backed by its ISO and TISAX certifications.

Sama’s latest integrations continue its efforts to speed up market access and reduce overall model costs. Leveraging its advanced Platform 2.0 and expert workforce, the company has significantly improved model market launch times and achieved a 99% client acceptance rate for AI training data through its SamaAssure™ quality guarantee. This platform processes a massive volume of annotations monthly, demonstrating its efficiency and effectiveness in the field.

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