Samsung Food: A Personalized Food and Recipe Platform Powered by AI

Samsung Electronics is introducing Samsung Food, a personalized food and recipe platform infused with AI capabilities. Rolling out across 104 countries in eight languages, Samsung Food boasts an extensive library of over 160,000 recipes. This platform functions as a personalized culinary assistant, aiding users in exploring new dishes, crafting custom meal plans, and even facilitating online ingredient ordering. It also offers the convenience of controlling cooking appliances, step-by-step cooking guidance, and the option to share favorite recipes on social media.

Built upon Samsung’s existing culinary technology and appliances, Samsung Food takes advantage of AI to offer a food platform that adapts to users’ preferences and lifestyles. It taps into the vast database of Whisk, a smart food platform acquired by Samsung Next in 2019, which utilizes advanced Food AI technology to recommend meals based on user tastes and seasonal ingredients.

Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President and Head of the Service Biz Group of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics, explains, “By connecting digital appliances and mobile devices across the Samsung ecosystem and assisting users from shopping list to dinner plate, Samsung Food is using advanced AI capabilities to deliver a highly personalized, all-in-one food experience that users can control straight from their palms.”

Samsung Food encompasses four primary areas: recipe discovery and personalization, tailored meal planning, connected cooking, and social sharing functions. Users can save recipes to their personal digital recipe box, and the app generates shopping lists based on the ingredients required. Accessible through mobile devices and Bespoke Family Hub™ refrigerators, the platform recommends recipes based on available ingredients.

The Personalize Recipe feature allows users to modify recipes to match dietary preferences, creating vegan or vegetarian versions, adjusting nutrition, or incorporating in-stock ingredients. Users can also create fusion recipes and modify cook times or skill levels.

For daily meal planning, AI-generated recommendations consider user data, dietary preferences, and favorite cuisines. Nutritional information is readily available, and users can send their shopping lists directly to an e-commerce retailer.

Connected cooking enables users to set timers, preheat ovens, and send cook settings to appliances using step-by-step guided cooking modes, all from their mobile devices. Users can engage socially by sharing dishes, creating and publishing recipes, and following their favorite food content creators.

Samsung plans to integrate Samsung Health with Samsung Food by the end of the year, allowing users to receive diet management suggestions based on BMI, body composition, and calorie consumption.

In 2024, Vision AI technology will enable Samsung Food to recognize food items and provide nutritional details based on photographs. This feature will recommend recipes and add required ingredients to shopping lists.

Samsung Food is part of Samsung’s growing suite of services, offering a comprehensive yet personalized experience for customers in their homes. The platform will continually receive updates and new features following its official launch.

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