Beyond the Touchscreen, Wearable Tech Redefined

Samsung Electronics recently unveiled its latest addition to the wearable technology market, the Galaxy Fit3, now available in Kenya. This innovative device offers an enhanced user experience, catering particularly to health-conscious individuals seeking seamless integration with their Android devices for diverse fitness tracking capabilities.

Boasting a sleek aluminum body and a wider 1.6-inch display, the Galaxy Fit3 delivers a modern aesthetic while ensuring user comfort during extended wear. Its screen, featuring a commendable 60 Hz refresh rate, facilitates smooth animations, enhancing the monitoring of health and wellness data across various activities, including over 100 workout types.

Designed for practicality, the Galaxy Fit3 is lightweight and ergonomically designed, ensuring comfort over prolonged use, complemented by an impressive battery life of up to 13 days out of the box. Additionally, users can personalize their device with a wide selection of backgrounds, allowing for a tailored aesthetic.

Incorporating advanced sleep tracking capabilities, the Galaxy Fit3 enables users to monitor sleep patterns, detect snoring, and even measure blood oxygen levels, providing comprehensive insights into sleep quality. Moreover, the device offers personalized Sleep Coaching, empowering users to make informed decisions to improve their sleep habits.

Equipped with a 5ATM rating and IP68-rated water and dust resistance, the Galaxy Fit3 ensures durability and reliability in various environments. It offers essential health metrics such as heart rate monitoring, stress level tracking, and cycle tracking, empowering users to maintain their well-being proactively.

Rehema Nyambura Kamau Product Trainer, Samsung Electronics East Africa and Simon Kariithi, the Jaicom Store owner, interact with the Galaxy Fit 3 at the Samsung Maralal Store branch Kilimani.

Samsung has introduced additional safety features to the Galaxy Fit3, including Fall Detection and Emergency SOS functionalities. In the event of a fall, users can promptly summon emergency assistance, enhancing peace of mind during physical activities. Furthermore, the Find My Phone feature enables effortless location tracking of misplaced Samsung devices or the Galaxy Fit3 itself.

Notably, we eagerly anticipate updates regarding:

The inclusion of formal female health tracking features in the Galaxy Fit3.

Samsung Pay integration.

Insights into the companion app, Galaxy Wearable, and its functionality.

Guidance on customizing the device’s diverse watch faces will enhance the overall user experience and personalization options.

A chance to have customized screen protectors.

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