Samsung Galaxy S24 Gets AI Boost with Google Cloud

Samsung Electronics and Google Cloud have entered a multi-year collaboration to integrate Google Cloud’s advanced AI technology into Samsung smartphones globally. This initiative commences with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event in San Jose, California. Samsung becomes the first to use Google Cloud’s Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 on Vertex AI for smartphones.

Janghyun Yoon, Corporate EVP at Samsung, expressed excitement about the Galaxy S24 series being the inaugural smartphones to feature Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 on Vertex AI. He highlighted the extensive testing and collaborative effort between Google Cloud and Samsung to optimize the Gemini-powered AI for the Galaxy series.

Samsung’s introduction of Gemini Pro on Vertex AI marks a significant milestone as the first consumer deployment by a Google Cloud partner. Gemini Pro, known for its multimodal capabilities, can handle diverse information types like text, images, and video. Samsung users can explore this feature in various native applications, including Notes and Voice Recorder, enhancing summarization and other functionalities. This technology ensures robust security and privacy standards.

Moreover, Galaxy S24 users will have access to Imagen 2, Google DeepMind’s sophisticated text-to-image diffusion technology. Available in the Generative Edit feature of the S24’s Gallery app, this technology allows for innovative photo-editing options.

Samsung is also trialing Google’s Gemini Ultra for complex tasks and will incorporate Gemini Nano, a compact on-device model, in the Android 14 operating system for the S24 series.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, emphasized the potential of generative AI to enrich mobile experiences. He noted that Samsung’s use of Gemini allows for the creation of safe, engaging AI-powered applications on their smartphones, leveraging Google Cloud’s infrastructure and technology.

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