Samsung Galaxy S24: Your Personal AI Powerhouse

Samsung Electronics recently introduced its latest smartphones, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24, featuring groundbreaking mobile experiences powered by Galaxy AI. These new models mark a significant shift in how mobile devices enhance user experiences. The Galaxy S24 series integrates AI across various functions, including intelligent text and call translations for seamless communication, the ProVisual Engine for creative expression, and advanced search capabilities that redefine how users interact with their surroundings.

Anthony Hutia, Head of Mobile Experience at Samsung Electronics East Africa said Galaxy AI represents a culmination of Samsung’s innovative legacy and deep understanding of user needs. He anticipates that the Galaxy S24 series will spearhead mobile innovation in the coming decade.

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy AI in Nairobi, Kenya with [from left] George Kebaso, Samsung’s Head of Product Marketing and Mobile Experience, Tae Sun Lee, Samsung East Africa MD, and Anthony Hutia, Head of Samsung Electronics East Africa, Mobile Experience.

The Galaxy S24 series is priced as follows: the Galaxy S24 8+256 GB at KES 174,999; the Galaxy S24+ 12+256 GB at KES 189,999 and its 12+512 GB variant at KES 234,999; the Galaxy S24 Ultra 12+256 GB at KES 274,999 and its 12+512GB variant at KES 276,999. Pre-orders in Kenya begin on 18th January lasting until 13th February 2024. Customers pre-ordering any 256 GB model will be upgraded to the 512 GB variant. Additionally, pre-order customers will enjoy Samsung Galaxy VIP services, including same-day repairs.

Pre-order benefits include offers from Kenya Airways, Absa Kenya, Safaricom, and JTL Faiba Mobile. Kenya Airways will provide rewards such as lounge access, extra luggage, and bonus miles. Safaricom offers 45 GB of free data, while JTL Faiba Mobile provides 65 GB of data and 50 free minutes to other networks. Absa Bank credit card holders can purchase the Galaxy S24 series with monthly repayments starting from KES 13,000.

Tae Sun Lee, Samsung East Africa Managing Director

The Galaxy S24 series introduces the era of Galaxy AI, aimed at enhancing life with features like Live Translate, Circle to Search, Chat Assist, Note Assist, and AI editing tools. Live Translate enables real-time voice and text translations, while Circle to Search with Google offers intuitive search results. The ProVisual Engine enhances image capturing and editing, with features like a Quad Tele System and improved Nightography capabilities. Additionally, the series offers enhanced security and privacy controls, environmental sustainability considerations, and a sleek, durable design with a range of colors.

Samsung continues its environmental commitment by incorporating recycled materials in its devices and packaging. The Galaxy S24 series offers extended product lifecycles with seven generations of OS upgrades and security updates, underlining Samsung’s dedication to sustainability and long-term device usability.

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