Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: Inspire Your Best Self, Day and Night

Samsung Electronics has introduced its latest wearable technology, the Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic. These new smartwatches are designed to help users adopt healthier habits throughout the day and night. The Galaxy Watch6 series offers a range of health-focused features and powerful performance within a sleek and refined design, boasting a slimmer bezel, a larger and more vibrant display, and an interactive user interface. The watches provide users with access to a wider selection of versatile watch faces and new band options to cater to their individual goals and preferences.

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience at Samsung Electronics, stated that with the Galaxy Watch6 series, they are committed to making advanced health monitoring tools accessible right from the wrist. The watches offer personalized guidance and actionable insights around the clock, starting with a focus on improving sleep quality. They provide in-depth sleep analysis, personalized sleep messages, and sleep consistency tracking to help users understand and optimize their sleep patterns.

Personalized Guidance for a Healthier You — Starting With Sleep

The fitness features on the Galaxy Watch6 series are personalized to keep users motivated in their fitness journeys. The Body Composition feature offers key physical measurements, while the Personalized Heart Rate Zone feature provides optimal running intensity levels based on individual capabilities. The watches also include over 100 workout trackers, and new features like Track Run and Custom Workout allow users to record and tailor their exercise routines.

In addition to fitness and sleep tracking, the Galaxy Watch6 series incorporates various health monitoring capabilities. The watches can monitor blood pressure, electrocardiogram readings, and irregular heart rhythms suggestive of Atrial fibrillation [AFib] even during sleep. They also track skin temperature and can detect falls, sending alerts to emergency contacts when needed.

Refined Design, Perfectly Yours

The Galaxy Watch 6 series elevates the wearable experience with new designs, providing a larger and more vibrant display and a 30% slimmer bezel. Users can choose from a wide selection of customizable and comfortable band options. The watches also come with a larger battery and reduced battery consumption to support the enhanced features.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Watch6 series offers greater capabilities with Samsung Wallet, Gesture Control, and various app updates. Users can stay connected with friends and family through WhatsApp and enjoy additional streaming options with Audible. The watches can also control Samsung devices, including Galaxy Z Flip cameras, Smart TVs, and Galaxy Tab S9.


The Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic are available for pre-order in select markets from July 26, with general availability starting from August 11. The Galaxy Watch6 is available in 44mm and 40mm sizes in Graphite and Silver, while the Galaxy Watch6 Classic is available in 43mm and 47mm sizes in Black and Silver. For adventure seekers, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro remains an excellent option with enhanced GPS features.

With its extensive health, fitness, and connectivity features, the Galaxy Watch6 series aims to provide users with a comprehensive and personalized wearable experience to support their active and healthy lifestyles.

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