Samsung’s QLED Dominates, 40 Million Units Sold

Samsung Electronics continues to lead the global TV market, maintaining an exceptional 18-year streak at the forefront of the industry. Market analysis by Omdia reveals that Samsung commanded a remarkable 30.1% share of the global TV market in 2023, underscoring its continued dominance since 2006. This sustained success is primarily attributed to Samsung’s strategic emphasis on premium and large-screen TV segments, driven by its state-of-the-art QLED and OLED models.

The popularity of Samsung’s QLED TV lineup, introduced in 2017, has been unprecedented, with cumulative sales surpassing 40 million units. In 2023 alone, the QLED series achieved sales of 8.31 million units, indicating a strong consumer preference for its advanced features. Notably, Kenyan consumers have embraced the superior picture quality and sound performance of Samsung’s Neo QLED TV lineup since its local launch in 2022.

Rahul Kochhar, Senior Business Leader at Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd

Rahul Kochhar, Senior Business Leader at Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd, expressed pride in Samsung’s enduring market leadership and commitment to innovation. He highlighted the pivotal role of Samsung’s cutting-edge QLED and OLED models in maintaining the company’s unparalleled position in the industry.

Samsung’s dominance extends to the premium TV segment, particularly for TVs exceeding 75 inches and priced above USD 2,500. The company commands a substantial 60.5% market share in terms of sales for TVs priced over USD 2,500, while also leading with a 33.9% sales share for TVs over 75 inches. Furthermore, Samsung’s strong performance in the OLED sector is evident, with 1.01 million units sold in 2023, capturing a market share of 22.7%.

SW Yong, President and Head of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to advancing the industry and delivering exceptional experiences to customers. The introduction of the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor at CES 2024 heralds a new era in smart TV technology, leveraging cutting-edge AI capabilities to enhance home entertainment and redefine the smart home ecosystem.

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