Samsung & Vodafone Call Demonstrates Leap with AMD Chips

Samsung, Vodafone, and AMD have teamed up to make a significant leap in mobile network technology by conducting the industry’s first successful end-to-end call using Open RAN technology, powered by AMD’s latest processors. This experiment took place in Samsung’s research lab in Korea and used Samsung’s flexible, O-RAN-compliant virtualized RAN software, running on AMD EPYC™ 8004 Series processors. This test aimed to demonstrate how this setup could deliver optimized performance, energy efficiency, and seamless integration between different technologies.

From left to right: Junehee Lee, June Moon, Nadia Benabdallah, Yago Tenorio, Alberto Ripepi, and Woojune Kim of Samsung Electronics and Vodafone Group come together to celebrate a groundbreaking collaboration. Together with AMD, they have successfully demonstrated an end-to-end call using the latest AMD processors, marking a significant milestone for Open RAN technology.

This accomplishment is a testament to the companies’ commitment to driving innovation in the Open RAN market, aiming to make mobile networks more flexible, efficient, and capable of keeping up with the fast pace of technological change. Vodafone and Samsung, in particular, are looking to strengthen their position in the Open RAN ecosystem, working with leading tech partners like AMD to explore new possibilities and improve network performance.

Leaders from the participating companies have expressed their excitement about this milestone, highlighting its significance in moving towards more open, versatile mobile networks. They believe that collaborations like this are crucial for the evolution of mobile technology, enabling operators to deploy and upgrade their networks more quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, Samsung and Vodafone have been working closely on Open RAN projects, including a major rollout in the U.K., and have expanded their partnership to include AMD, focusing on advancing 5G and virtualized network technologies. Samsung’s commitment to the Open RAN movement is underscored by its efforts to develop and validate its solutions, ensuring they meet the high standards required by operators worldwide. Through continuous research and development, Samsung aims to lead the way in delivering comprehensive 5G solutions, from chipset to network infrastructure, fostering a diverse and innovative mobile ecosystem.

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