Samsung’s Innovation Prowess Earns Recognition at CES 2024

Samsung Electronics has recently been honored with multiple CES® 2024 Innovation Awards, a significant recognition from the Consumer Technology Association [CTA]®. This achievement underscores Samsung’s dedication to creating products and services that envision a futuristic lifestyle. The company eagerly anticipates further advancements in its mission to foster a smarter and more sustainable world through its innovative solutions in the upcoming year.

Spanning a diverse range of categories such as Mobile, TV, Audio, Projectors, Monitors, and Home Appliances, Samsung has demonstrated its excellence in various domains. Its groundbreaking achievements in foldable smartphones and sustainable living solutions are particularly noteworthy. These innovations reflect Samsung’s commitment to expanding the horizons of technological possibilities while offering connected, personalized, and convenient experiences to its customers.

CES® 2024, the pinnacle of global technology events, will take place from January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the notable honorees from Samsung are:

Galaxy Z Fold 5: This device, awarded in the Digital Imaging/Photography and Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps categories, represents the pinnacle of foldable technology. The Galaxy Z Fold5 is acclaimed for its advanced camera capabilities and high-performance features, all encapsulated in Samsung’s thinnest fold design to date, thanks to the innovative Flex Hinge.

Galaxy Watch6 Series: In the Fitness & Sports category, the Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic stand out for offering personalized health guidance, a purposeful design, and an enhanced mobile experience. These watches exemplify Samsung’s commitment to making advanced health monitoring and fitness tools widely accessible.

Galaxy Buds FE: Recognized in the Headphones & Personal Audio category, the Galaxy Buds FE are designed to offer high-quality features at an excellent value. They deliver outstanding sound quality, including powerful bass and Active Noise Cancelling [ANC], while ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Samsung Health: This app, honored in the Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps category, is a testament to Samsung’s dedication to enhancing users’ lives with innovative tools. Samsung Health offers unprecedented wellness insights through the Galaxy Watch series, including real-time running analysis, safety features, and sleep coaching.

Samsung Food: Awarded in the AI category, Samsung Food leverages advanced AI technology to optimize the benefits of Samsung apps, smart home appliances, and devices. It offers personalized recipe recommendations and facilitates engagement in cooking communities.

SmartThings Energy: Recognized in the Smart Home category, this feature empowers users to manage their carbon footprint and reduce energy bills through AI Energy Mode and Carbon Intensity Awareness.

Less Microfiber™ Filter: Honored in the Sustainability category, this innovative filter for washing machines aims to reduce the release of microfibers, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability.

Exynos Connect U100: Awarded in the Embedded Technologies category, this ultra-wideband [UWB] solution provides highly accurate distance and location information, useful in various applications such as AR and VR.

These awards reflect Samsung’s unwavering commitment to pioneering technology that not only enhances user experiences but also contributes positively to societal and environmental wellbeing.

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