Powering TVs & the Planet

Imagine a compact remote control that not only fits effortlessly anywhere but also promises a futuristic experience unlike any other. Picture a remote that shuns disposable batteries, opting instead for solar power, thus paving the way for a revolutionary change.

Enter Samsung’s SolarCell Remote – a game-changer in our interaction with electronic devices, aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendliness. Developed by Samsung Electronics, this innovative device eliminates the need for disposable batteries by incorporating a solar panel that harnesses sunlight or indoor lighting for operation. Additionally, users can charge the remote via USB-C cable, offering flexibility in power sources.

Samsung’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the construction of the SolarCell Remote, with 24% of its plastics derived from recycled materials, effectively recycling over 55 tonnes of waste annually in the production of 10 million remotes. Notably, key components contain up to 30% recycled plastics, while the SolarCell bracket incorporates 20% recycled ocean-bound plastics, particularly from discarded fishing nets, highlighting its unique contribution to combating marine pollution.

Samsung’s SolarCell Remote

JongKeun Lee from Samsung’s H/W Platform Lab emphasizes how the remote’s compact design not only reduces plastic usage but also enhances user experience by fitting comfortably in hand.

Furthermore, all of Samsung’s 2023 Lifestyle TVs come equipped with the SolarCell Remote, underscoring the company’s dedication to integrating eco-friendly practices across its product range and encouraging consumers to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

While the SolarCell Remote represents a pinnacle of technological innovation and environmental consciousness, Samsung’s overarching goal is material reduction, energy conservation, and seamless user control, possibly envisioning a future without traditional remote controls.

Whether this entails transitioning to smartphone integration, voice commands, or other technologies remains uncertain. Nevertheless, SolarCell remotes signify a step towards a remote-free future, reflecting Samsung’s commitment to sustainability and consumer preferences.

Samsung’s SolarCell Remote epitomizes the convergence of innovation and environmental stewardship, setting a precedent for the electronics industry. As society increasingly prioritizes sustainability, Samsung’s leadership in eco-friendly technology offers inspiration and hope for a greener future, encouraging industry-wide adoption of environmentally conscious practices.

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