SAP GROW Launched to Help South African SMEs Grow with Cloud Computing

SAP Africa has launched GROW with SAP in South Africa, a new solution designed to aid midsize businesses in adopting cloud ERP, enhancing speed, predictability, and innovation. GROW with SAP equips customers with leading practices, ensuring quick implementation and seamless updates.

Evert-Jan Tromp, VP Solution Sales Mid-Market EMEA South, explains, “GROW with SAP takes the transparency and success SAP’s ERP solutions provide for global corporations and tailors it for midsize businesses, enabling their expansion with agility and innovation.”

GROW with SAP provides preconfigured best practices derived from SAP’s decades of experience, integrating AI and automation for fast results. It combines SAP S/4HANA Cloud with adoption services, a global expert community, and educational resources, enabling customers to go live in four weeks.

Rob Coombe, Group IT Manager at Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation, affirms that SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud enhances operational efficiency, enabling process flow and cost savings, while also allowing for scalability.

GROW with SAP includes SAP Business Technology Platform, allowing customers to define unique processes in a cloud-native manner using SAP Build. This empowers business users to create applications, automate processes, and design interfaces without coding.

SAP’s partner network supports customers in their digital transformation with GROW with SAP. Research by SAP Africa highlights a demand for digital transformation specialists in African organizations.

IDC research shows many midsize businesses experience rapid growth, needing scalable technological infrastructure. Mickey North Rizza, IDC’s VP for enterprise software, emphasizes GROW with SAP’s importance in meeting midsize companies’ ERP needs with cloud solutions, tapping into SAP’s expertise and leadership.

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