Sustaining Talent Through Employee Wellbeing

In today’s office setting, where innovative ideas and teamwork are key, mental health is vital. Joshua Mills and Alison Palmer from Dariel Software believe it keeps things running smoothly.

Mentally strong employees handle stress better and accomplish more. Good mental health practices aren’t just a bonus, they’re essential. It’s not just about doing the right thing for employees but understanding that each person has unique needs. Addressing these needs means showing employees they’re valued, leading to better work results.

Alison Palmer, Head of Human Resources at Dariel

Mental Health in South Africa

A 2021 report highlights a worrying issue: South Africa faces a severe mental health problem. The number of people struggling with mental health rose from 28.5% to 36% in 2020. Despite these numbers, many still avoid seeking help due to societal judgment.

Support and Employee Retention

Companies that don’t support mental health often see more employees leave. Ignoring employee wellbeing leads to unhappiness, pushing them to find better workplaces. Addressing concerns on time is crucial both for the individual and the company’s success.

Work Stress and Mental Health

People spend much time working, so the work environment affects their mental health. Mental challenges don’t disappear at work. In fact, 75% of depressed individuals in South Africa say their work suffers. High-stress jobs make things worse, showing the need for employer involvement.

Building a Positive Work Culture

Top talents are drawn to positive workplaces. Companies can build such environments using Employee Assistance Programs, a caring atmosphere, and flexible work hours. The goal is to prevent overwhelming stress. With the right actions, employees will feel valued and supported.

Continuous learning also matters. When staff can learn and grow, they feel more positive. Providing resources helps employees navigate work challenges, making them feel more secure.

Joshua Mills, Talent Manager at Dariel

Balancing Work and Personal Life

A stressful job and poor work-life balance can make employees quit. A good balance prevents burnout and keeps job satisfaction high. Companies that support this balance have loyal employees. Focusing on employee wellness also attracts the best talents.

An Inclusive Workplace

Considering mental health at work is a part of diversity. Just as race, gender, and sexuality add value, so does mental health awareness. A good workplace accepts everyone, letting people be themselves.

For younger generations, workspace design matters too. Open offices might need redesigning to suit various needs, from focused tasks to team projects and breaks. By caring for all employees and their unique needs, companies build a diverse, engaged team.

Dariel Software’s Dedication

Dariel Software is devoted to employee wellbeing. They regularly connect with their team, offering ways to talk and share. They also have professional counselors available. Dariel understands that caring for employee mental health is key to keeping their talented team. The company believes its success lies in its employees’ wellness.

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