Sweatcoin Launches in Nine Countries, Ushering 140 Million Users to Web3

Sweat Economy, a Web3 ecosystem encouraging physical activity, expands into the United States and eight more countries, including the Bahamas. The expansion allows numerous users to tokenize their physical activity in the Sweat Economy, boosting the global movement economy.

The migration of millions of existing Sweatcoin users to the Sweat Wallet platform is underway. By selecting NEAR as its foundation, Sweat Economy strategically leverages the protocol’s highly secure and infinitely scalable sharding infrastructure, enabling the seamless onboarding of millions of potential users into an expanding Web3 movement economy.

Oleg Fomenko, co-founder of Sweat Economy, expressed his excitement about introducing the Sweat Economy experience to the United States and eight other markets. He emphasized the significance of enabling residents in these countries to seamlessly incorporate cryptocurrency into their lives.

Furthermore, Fomenko acknowledged the indispensable role played by the global user community in supporting the launch. Specifically, their participation in the largest-ever governance vote is notable, which allotted nearly 700 million $SWEAT to new community members in recognition of their verified physical activities. With this expansion, the goal is to inspire a fresh wave of physical activity, incentivizing individuals to lead healthier lives and creating a path for the next billion users seeking to engage in the movement economy.

Chris Donovan, CEO of the NEAR Foundation, celebrated the progress of Sweat Economy, underscoring its contribution to the mission of bringing millions into the open web. He emphasized that Sweat Economy’s entry into the U.S. not only marks a significant milestone for the project but also for the entire NEAR ecosystem. It serves as a testament to the remarkable scalability of the NEAR Protocol, which has seamlessly supported one of the largest consumer apps in Web3 operating at a substantial scale.

Communities are witnessing a significant transformation as individuals seek innovative methods to stay motivated and uphold a healthy lifestyle. Sweat Economy’s distinctive approach, which amalgamates fitness tracking with blockchain technology, introduces an exciting and invigorating perspective to this realm. By rewarding users for their physical activity, Sweat Economy not only encourages people to exercise more but also fosters a vibrant and engaged community of like-minded individuals.

Sweatcoin, with over 140 million users, has reported a 20% increase in activity levels after the app download. It has partnered with over 800 brands, including prominent names such as Adidas, Paramount, Fabletics, Amazon, and Garmin, providing exclusive discounts, offers, and free products in exchange for sweatcoins. Moreover, it has collaborated with more than 100 charitable organizations that have benefitted from Sweatcoin donations. Individuals interested in joining this thriving ecosystem, which values health, fitness, and progress, can download the Sweatcoin app and Sweat Wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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