Vertiv & Ballard Team Up for Clean Power in Data Centers

Vertiv has partnered with Ballard Power Systems, a top player in the PEM fuel cell market, to develop backup power solutions for data centers and critical infrastructures. These solutions range from 200kW to multiple MWs.

In Ohio, Vertiv successfully integrated Ballard’s fuel cell power modules with its Liebert® EXL S1 UPS in a proof-of-concept demonstration, showcasing the viability and customer benefits of hydrogen-powered fuel cells.

Vertiv Fuel Cell Container

Nicolas Pocard, Ballard’s vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships, noted the growing power demands of data centers due to increased data usage. He emphasized the need to manage electricity consumption and reduce carbon footprints to meet net-zero goals. The partnership aims to offer scalable, cost-effective, and zero-emission backup power solutions.

The demonstrated Power Module H2 solution at Vertiv’s Delaware, Ohio facility integrates two 200kW Ballard fuel cell cabinets with a complete cooling system, power conditioning equipment, hydrogen storage, Vertiv™ HPL Lithium-Ion batteries, and the Liebert® EXL S1 UPS system. This solution is part of Vertiv’s 1 MW microgrid, which includes a 1 MW AC solar array and DynaFlex Battery Energy Storage System [BESS].

Initial tests have shown the success of this zero-emission backup power system within an uninterruptible power architecture. Viktor Petik, vice president of Vertiv infrastructure solutions, highlighted the need for eco-friendly power solutions driven by AI and high-performance computing. The proof-of-concept with Ballard offers a viable option for data centers looking to enhance sustainability and adopt a Bring Your Own Power [BYOP] model.

The Power Module H2 system is designed for rapid deployment and scalability, suitable for new and existing data centers without needing to redesign electrical infrastructure. Focusing on North America and Europe, the solution offers several benefits:

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