Vertiv Unveils Data Centers’ Eco-Friendly Cooling Unit

Vertiv has introduced the Vertiv™ Liebert® PDX-PAM direct expansion perimeter units, featuring the eco-friendly, non-flammable R513A refrigerant, now available in Europe, Middle East, and Africa [EMEA]. This system, designed for increased efficiency and reliability, complies with the EU F-Gas Regulation 2024/573 and supports data centers’ sustainability goals by providing a 70% reduction in global warming potential [GWP] compared to traditional R410A refrigerant. The use of non-flammable R513A eliminates the need for additional safety devices, reducing installation costs and capital expenditure [CAPEX].

Karsten Winther, president for Vertiv in EMEA, emphasized the importance of eco-friendly alternatives to meet regulatory requirements and innovate cooling technology. The Liebert PDX-PAM, available from 10 kW to 80 kW with various airflow configurations, is adaptable for small to medium data centers, edge computing applications, and UPS and battery rooms. It offers diverse cooling solutions for managing heat rejection externally.

Vertiv’s Liebert® PDX-PAM incorporates inverter-driven brushless motor compressors, a staged coil design, electronic expansion valves, and EC fans, all managed by the integrated Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM™ controller. This controller allows full modulation of performance, adapting to changing conditions and reducing annual power consumption through enhanced part load efficiency and precise monitoring.

Lucas Beran, research director at Dell’Oro Group, noted that the use of low-GWP refrigerants in direct expansion systems marks a significant advancement in sustainable air-cooling technology. Vertiv’s compliance with EU regulations aims to reduce carbon footprints while maintaining safety and efficiency.

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