What Makes a Good Smartphone?

By Venessa Awino

Functionality, battery life, and features are key elements of a good smartphone. However, brand loyalty often influences our choices. A mirror selfie with a recognizable brand logo or a brand name on a tweet can evoke pride and social validation.

Research by CNET indicates that women often prefer Apple, while men lean towards Samsung. These brands appeal to those who embrace vanity and social validation. But what if these brands could also offer superior functionality and quality?

A phone’s functionality depends on battery life, features, and security. Aesthetics also matter, including style, size, and weight. Let’s look at the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to see if it meets both functional and aesthetic criteria.

Beyond Basic Functionality

The Galaxy S24 Ultra offers advanced AI features like Auto Format, Chat Assist, Live Translate, and Circle to Search. Live Translate translates text messages in real time, making global communication easier. Circle to Search identifies objects in photos and finds them online instantly.

With a battery life of up to 24 hours and storage options ranging from 256GB to 1TB with 12GB RAM, the phone supports extensive use. Its 200-megapixel camera captures detailed images.

Robust Security

Security features include Samsung’s Knox Vault, Security & Privacy Dashboard, Auto Blocker, Secure Wi-Fi, Private Share, and Maintenance Mode. These features protect data and mobile interactions, crucial in an age of cybercrime and data breaches.

Combining Functionality and Style

The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s design matches its capabilities. Made of titanium, it comes in colors like titanium gray, yellow, violet, and black. This sleek, durable phone is impressive in any social setting.

In summary, a good smartphone balances functionality with aesthetics. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra exemplifies this balance, appealing to those who value both aspects. Ultimately, the best smartphone depends on individual preferences, but the S24 Ultra offers a compelling blend of function and form.

Venessa Awino is a Public Relations Strategist at Engage.

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